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288 Album(s)

Année Titre Auteur Image Format Deezer Url
1965 Highway 61 RevisitedBob Dylan Deezer
1965 Bringing It All Back HomeBob Dylan Deezer
1966 Blonde on blondeBob Dylan CDPCHIGH
1967 The Piper At The Gates Of DawnPink Floyd Deezer
1967 The DoorsThe DOORS CDPC
1967 Strange DaysThe DOORS CDPCKO
1968 Waiting for the SUNThe DOORS CDPC
1969 From Genesis to RevelationGenesis Deezer
1969 Led Zeppelin IILed Zeppelin CDPC
1969 Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin CDPC
1969 Abbey RoadThe Beatles Deezer
1969 The BeatlesThe Beatles Deezer
1969 The soft ParadeThe DOORS CD
1970 ParanoidBlack Sabbath Deezer
1970 Deja VuCrosby Stills Nash & Young Deezer
1970 Machine HeadDeep Purple Deezer
1970 TrespassGenesis CDPCHIGH
1970 Led Zeppelin IIILed Zeppelin CDPC
1970 After the Gold RushNeil Young CDPC
1970 Atom Heart MotherPink Floyd Deezer
1970 AbraxasSantana Deezer
1970 Morrison HotelThe DOORS CDPC
1971 Nursery CrymeGenesis CDPCHIGH
1971 Led Zeppelin IV AtlantisLed Zeppelin CDPC
1971 MeddlePink Floyd CDPCHIGH
1971 L A WomanThe DOORS CDPC
1971 Sticky FingersThe Rolling Stones Deezer
1971 FragileYES CDPCKO
1972 FoxtrotGenesis CDPC
1972 HarvestNeil Young Internet
1972 Exile on Main StThe Rolling Stones CD
1972 Close To The EdgeYES CDPCHIGH
1973 Selling England By The PoundGenesis CDPCHIGH
1973 Genesis LiveGenesis CD
1973 Houses of the HolyLed Zeppelin CDPC
1973 The Dark Side Of The MoonPink Floyd CDPCHIGH
1973 Tales from the topographic oceansYES InternetWMA
1974 The Lamb Lies Down On BroadwayGenesis InternetMP3
1974 BBH75Higelin Deezer
1974 Tubular BellsMike Oldfield Deezer
1974 RelayerYES CDPCHIGH
1975 Blood on the tracksBob Dylan CDPC
1975 Fish Out of WaterChris Squire Deezer
1975 A Trick Of The TailGenesis InternetMP3
1975 IrradiéHigelin Deezer
1975 Physical GraffitiLed Zeppelin CDPC
1975 OmmadownMike Oldfield 33T
1975 ZumaNeil Young With Crazy Horse CDPC
1975 Wish You Were HerePink Floyd CDPCHIGH
1975 Voyage of the AcolyteSteve Hackett CDPC
1976 Wind & WutheringGenesis InternetMP3
1976 Alertez les bébésHigelin Deezer
1976 Olias Of SunhillowJon Anderson Deezer
1976 PresenceLed Zeppelin CDPC
1977 BerlinLou Reed CDPC
1977 TransformerLou Reed CDPC
1977 Car 1Peter Gabriel Deezer
1977 The ClashThe Clash CD
1978 Dire StraitsDire Straits CD
1978 Scratch 2Peter Gabriel Internet
1978 Please Don't Touch!Steve Hackett InternetWMA
1979 Highway to HellAC/DC Deezer
1979 CommuniquéDire Straits CD
1979 In Through The Out DoorLed Zeppelin CDPCHIGH
1979 Rust Never SleepsNeil Young With Crazy Horse CDPCHIGH
1979 The WallPink Floyd 33T
1979 Spectral MorningsSteve Hackett InternetWMA
1980 Back In BlackAC/DC Deezer
1980 Making MoviesDire Straits Deezer
1980 Melt 3Peter Gabriel InternetWMA
1980 DefectorSteve Hackett InternetWMA
1980 Seventeen SecondsThe Cure CDPCHigh
1981 CuredSteve Hackett InternetWMA
1981 OctoberU2 CDPC
1982 A Broken FrameDepeche mode CDPC
1982 Love Over GoldDire Straits Deezer
1982 CodaLed Zeppelin CDPCHIGH
1982 4 SecurityPeter Gabriel CDPCHigh
1982 Highly StrungSteve Hackett InternetWMA
1982 PornographyThe Cure CDPCHIgh
1983 U2 Live under a blood red skyU2 CD
1983 WarU2 CDPC
1984 Concert- The The Cure LiveThe Cure CDPC
1984 The Unforgettable FireU2 CDPC
1985 The Head on The doorThe Cure PC
1986 Music for the MassesDepeche mode 33T
1986 Black CelebrationDepeche mode 33T CDPC
1986 The Queen Is DeadThe Smiths Deezer
1987 Appetite For DestructionGuns N' Roses CDPCHIGH
1987 Surfing with the alienJoe Satriani CDPC
1987 Ou veux tu que je regardeNoir Désir CD
1987 Radio K.A.O.S.Roger Waters Deezer
1987 SisterSonic Youth InternetWMA
1987 Kiss Me Kiss MeThe Cure PC
1987 The Joshua TreeU2 CDPC
1988 Money for NothingDire Straits CDLIVE
1988 OutriderJimmy Page CDPCHIGH
1988 Daydream nationSonic Youth CDPC
1988 Rattle and HumU2 CDPC
1989 Flying In A Blue DreamJoe Satriani CDPC
1989 FreedomNeil Young CDPCHIGH
1989 BleachNirvana CDPCHigh
1989 Veuillez rendre l'âme (à qui elle appartient)Noir Désir CDPC
1989 Passion_ Music For The Last Temptation Of ChristPeter Gabriel CDPCHigh
1989 DisintegrationThe Cure CDPC
1990 ViolatorDepeche mode CDPC
1990 Neck and NeckMark Knopfler CDPC
1990 Ragged GloryNeil Young With Crazy Horse CDPCHIGH
1991 On every StreetDire Straits CD
1991 Use Your Illusion IIGuns N' Roses CDPCHIGH
1991 Use Your Illusion IGuns N' Roses CDPCHIGH
1991 Du Ciment Sous Les PlainesNoir Désir CDPCHigh
1991 GishThe Smashing Pumpkins CDPC
1991 Achtung BabyU2 CDPC
1992 The ExtremistJoe Satriani CDPC
1992 InsecticideNirvana CDPCHigh
1992 TostakyNoir Désir CDPC
1992 DryP.J. Harvey CDPC
1992 USPeter Gabriel CDPCHigh
1992 Automatic for the PepleREM CDPC
1992 Rage Against The MachineRage Against The Machine CDPC
1992 Amused to DeathRoger Waters CDPCHIGH
1992 DirtySonic Youth InternetWMA
1992 WishThe Cure PC
1993 In uteroNirvana CDPCHigh
1993 Rid of MeP.J. Harvey CDPC
1993 Pablo HoneyRadioHead CDPC
1993 Guitar NoirSteve Hackett CDPC
1993 Siamese DreamThe Smashing Pumpkins CDPC
1994 Welcome to the cruel WorldBen Harper CDPC
1994 ProtectionMassive Attack CD
1994 The Songs of Distant EarthMike Oldfield Deezer
1994 The Division BellPink Floyd CDPCHIGH
1994 My Iron lungRadioHead CDPC
1994 No Need to ArgueThe Cranberries CD
1994 Pisces IscariotThe Smashing Pumpkins CDPC
1994 worst case scenariodEUS InternetWMA
1995 Fight for your MindBen Harper CDPC
1995 Joe SatrianiJoe Satriani CDPC High
1995 No ProtectionMassive Attack CD
1995 To bring you my loveP.J. Harvey CDPCHigh
1995 Washing MachineSonic Youth Deezer
1995 There Are Many Sides To The NightSteve Hackett CDPC
1995 Mellon Collie And The Infinite SadnessThe Smashing Pumpkins CDPC
1995 C'est NoëlVarious Artists Deezer
1996 LondiniumARCHIVE CDPC
1996 Golden HeartMark Knopfler CDPCHIGH
1996 666,667 ClubNoir Désir CDPC High
1996 PlaceboPlacebo CDPC
1996 Evil EmpireRage Against The Machine CDPC
1996 Genesis RevisitedSteve Hackett InternetWMA
1996 To the Faithful DepartedThe Cranberries CD
1996 In a bar under the seadEUS CDPC
1997 OK ComputerRadioHead CDPC
1998 Crystal PlanetJoe Satriani CDPC
1998 MezzanineMassive Attack CD
1998 Is This DesireP.J. Harvey CDPC
1998 Queens Of The Stone AgeQueens Of The Stone Age CDPCHIGH
1998 AdoreThe Smashing Pumpkins CDPCHIGH
1999 Take my headARCHIVE CDPC
1999 The Battle of Los AngelesRage Against The Machine CDPC
1999 CalifornicationRed Hot Chili Pepers CDPCHigh
1999 The Ideal CrashdEUS CDPC
2000 Stories from the City Stories from the SeaP.J. Harvey CDPC
2000 OVOPeter Gabriel CDPCHigh
2000 Black Market MusicPlacebo CDPC
2000 Rated RQueens Of The Stone Age CDPCHIGH
2000 Kid ARadioHead CDPC
2000 NYC Ghosts & FlowersSonic Youth CDPC
2000 Sketches Of SatieSteve Hackett CDPCHIGH
2000 BloodflowersThe Cure CDPC Cure/bloodflowers
2000 MACHINA The Machines of GodThe Smashing Pumpkins CDPC
2001 Origin of SymmetryMuse CDPC
2001 Des visages des figuresNoir Désir CDPC
2001 I Might Be Wrong (Live Recordings)RadioHead CDPCLIVE
2001 AmnesiacRadioHead CDPC
2001 Is This ItThe Strokes CD
2002 You All look the Same to MeARCHIVE CDPC 4850.html
2002 Strange Beautiful MusicJoe Satriani InternetMP3
2002 InternationalNew ORDER InternetMP3
2002 UPPeter Gabriel CDPCHigh
2002 Songs For The DeafQueens Of The Stone Age CDPCHIGH
2002 By the WayRed Hot Chili Pepers CDPCHigh
2002 Murray StreetSonic Youth CDPC
2003 Diamonds on the InsideBen Harper CDPC
2003 100th WindowMassive Attack CDPC
2003 AbsolutionMuse CDPC 172.html
2003 Hail to the thiefRadioHead CDPC
2003 To Watch The StormsSteve Hackett CDPC
2003 Room on FireThe Strokes CD
2004 NoiseARCHIVE CDPC 91.html
2004 Is There Love In SpaceJoe Satriani CDPC
2004 Shangri-LaMark Knopfler CDPCHIGH
2004 Kill To Get CrimsonMark Knopfler CDPC
2004 Uh Huh HerP.J. Harvey CDPC
2004 NurseSonic Youth CDPC
2005 Michel Vaillant (Bande originale du film)ARCHIVE Deezer
2005 TheFutureEmbraceBilly Corgan InternetMp3
2005 Playing the AngelDepeche mode CDPC
2005 Waiting For The Sirens' CallNew ORDER InternetMP3
2005 En publicNoir Désir CDPC
2005 Lullabies to paralyzeQueens Of The Stone Age CDPCHIGH
2005 Pocket RevolutiondEUS CDPC
2006 LightsARCHIVE CDPC 12562.html
2006 Both Sides Of The GunBen Harper InternetMP3
2006 Super ColossalJoe Satriani InternetMP3
2006 Black Holes and RevelationsMuse CDPC
2006 Rather RippedSonic Youth InternetWMA
2006 Wild OrchidsSteve Hackett CDPCHIGH
2006 First Impressions of EarthThe Strokes CD
2007 LifelineBen Harper & the Innocent Criminals CDPC
2007 Sounds of the UniverseDepeche mode CDPC
2007 White ChalkP.J. Harvey CDPCHigh
2007 Era VulgarisQueens Of The Stone Age CDPCHIGH
2007 In RainbowsRadioHead CDPC
2007 Music Of HawaiiThe Hawaiian Rainbow Singers Deezer
2007 ZeitGeistThe Smashing Pumpkins CDPC
2008 Hawai`i's Favorite SongsBruddah Aweau & His Hukilau Hawaiians Deezer
2008 Professor Sachafunkilus And The Masterion Of RockJoe Satriani InternetMP3
2008 World Players Music-HawaiVarious Artists Deezer
2008 Vantage PointdEUS CDPC
2009 Controlling CrowdsARCHIVE CDPC 23083.html
2009 White lies for dark timesBen Harper CDPC
2009 Get LuckyMark Knopfler CDPCHIGH
2009 The ResistanceMuse CDPC 24974.html
2009 A Woman a man walked byP.J. Harvey CDPC
2009 The EternalSonic Youth CD
2009 Out Of The Tunnel's MouthSteve Hackett CDPCHIGH
2010 Poor Boy - Lucky ManAssaf Avidan CDPC High
2010 ClaptonEric Clapton CDPC
2010 Black Swans and Wormhole WizardsJoe Satriani CD
2010 HeligolandMassive Attack CD
2010 LeNoiseNeil Young InternetMP3
2010 The Good Son (2010 Remastered Version)Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Deezer
2010 Scratch My BackPeter Gabriel CDPCHigh
2011 Give Till It's GoneBen Harper & the Innocent Criminals CDPCHIGH
2011 The English RivieraMetronomy CD
2011 Let England shakeP.J. Harvey CDPC
2011 The King of LimbsRadioHead CDPC
2011 I'm With YouRed Hot Chili Pepers CDPCHigh
2011 Beyond The Shrouded HorizonSteve Hackett CDPCHIGH
2011 El CaminoThe Black Keys CD
2011 Keep you closedEUS CDPC
2012 Different PulsesAssaf Avidan CDPC High
2012 PrivateeringMark Knopfler CDPCHIGH
2012 BangaPatty Smith CDPC
2012 OceaniaThe Smashing Pumpkins CDPC
2012 Following SeadEUS CDPC
2013 With Us Until You're DeadARCHIVE CDPC 39349.html
2013 HorizonsDETROIT CDPC
2013 The Next DayDavid BOWIE CDPC
2013 Delta MachineDepeche mode CDPC
2013 Beau RepaireHigelin CD
2013 Unstoppable MomentumJoe Satriani CDPC
2013 Push the Sky AwayNick Cave & The Bad Seeds CDPCHIGH the Sky Away/8326223
2014 AxiomARCHIVE Deezer
2014 Childhood HomeBen Harper CD
2014 Ghost StoriesColdplay Deezer
2014 Love LettersMetronomy CD
2014 Turn BlueThe Black Keys CD
2014 Monuments to an ElegyThe Smashing Pumpkins CDPC
2015 Rattle that LockDavid Gilmour CDPCHigh
2015 TrackerMark Knopfler CDPCHIGH
2015 DronesMuse CDPC
2016 The False FoundationARCHIVE CDPC High
2016 BlackStarDavid BOWIE CDPC High
2016 Higelin 75Higelin CD
2016 Peace TrailNeil Young CDPCHIGH
2016 Skeleton TreeNick Cave & The Bad Seeds CDPCHIGH
2016 Hope Six Demolition ProjectP.J. Harvey CDPCHIGH
2016 A Moon Shaped PoolRadioHead CDPC High
2017 SpiritDepeche mode CDPCHigh
2017 Psychedelic PillNeil Young With Crazy Horse CDPCHIGH
2017 Is This the Life We Really WantRoger Waters CDPCHIGH
2017 The Night SirenSteve Hackett CDPCHIGH
2017 Le grand concert de Noël 2017 - Radio ClassiqueVarious Artists Deezer
2017 OgilalaWilliam Patrick Corgan Deezer
2018 Call It What It IsBen Harper & the Innocent Criminals CDPCHIGH
2018 Call The CometJohnny Marr Deezer
2018 Down The Road WhereverMark Knopfler CDPCHIGH
2018 Shiny and Oh So BrighThe Smashing Pumpkins CDPCHIGH
2019 ColoradoNeil Young With Crazy Horse CDPCHIGH
2019 At The Edge Of LightSteve Hackett CDPCHIGH
2019 SuspiriaThom Yorke CDPC High
2020 ShapeshiftingJoe Satriani Deezer
2020 1000 HandsJon Anderson Deezer
2020 CYRThe Smashing Pumpkins Deezer